An Idea from Oregon Neurology Associates: Battle Mini-Strokes

Did you know that people routinely suffer something called a “mini-stroke?” Ok, actually it’s called a transient ischemic attack (TIA), but mini-stroke is a lot easier to say, and makes more sense. Basically, a TIA has several of the symptoms of a small stroke, but since the symptoms don’t last very long, they’re a little harder to identify. And, unlike a stroke, victims of a TIA usually feel much better after a few days. So you’re probably thinking, “A TIA is a much better alternative to a small stroke.” In a sense, you’re correct. But unfortunately, the way our healthcare system is structured, there’s a hidden danger with TIAs that lurks beneath the surface.

Let’s break it down with an example. Let’s say you suffer a TIA and wisely visit the Emergency Room. They ER would do their job, get you immediate treatment and you’d probably feel much better. Then, they would suggest that you follow-up with a neurologist to seek the next steps to your recovery. Here’s the flaw in the system: it usually takes a few weeks to get an appointment with a neurologist. In the meantime, you feel better in a few days, and say to yourself, “I don’t need to see another doctor, I feel great!” But the real risk of TIAs is that they make you much more prone to a secondary stroke. Similar to a small earthquake that is immediately followed by a monster quake that sends the Richter Scale spinning, the secondary stroke is usually much larger and more dangerous.   (more…)

Balloons Over Bend

This weekend, PacificSource sponsored “Balloons Over Bend” for the second year in a row. We love this event because it gives us a great opportunity to encourage families to be healthier, and have fun doing it! The weekend-long event starts with “Night Glow” on Friday, and then moves on to the children’s festival on Saturday and Sunday, with two hot air balloon launches early each morning (more on that later).

Here’s what our crazy weekend in Bend looked like: (more…)

I Came, I Saw, I Yoga-ed!

As I entered the dimly lit room, my nerves were erupting. Ironic right? The stressed guy tries yoga to alleviate stress, and it nearly makes his heart beat out of his chest. But if you read my previous post, To Yoga or Not to Yoga, an Idea to Ponder, you’ll recall that I apprehensively agreed to try it out. As a man of my word, I parked my pride at the door and gave it a shot. Rather than give you a complete step-by-step encounter, I decided it would be more enjoyable to document the painfully awkward moments that marked the experience. I present to you, my first series of unfortunate yoga events:

The mat placement incident: So here’s the deal with yoga classes; if it’s your first time, show up early. If not, all of the spots in back corners (where you won’t be seen) will be taken. I had to set up shop smack dab in the middle of the classroom. Off to a bad start.

The “it’s cool, I’m not the only guy” incident: As I had hoped, there was one other man in the class. Considering my previous insecurities, this was a huge plus. I made eye contact and gave him the universally recognized “bro nod”1. He bro nodded back as if to say, “Yeah man, yoga is straight gangsta.” (more…)