Attempt to Eat Healthy #1 – The Picky Eater Tries a Yam

Double Noodle Soup - Now for adults!I like soup. Well, no, specifically, I like Campbells Double Noodle Soup. Other soups? Ehhhh, not so much. People are, of course, appalled when they see me eat Double Noodle Soup. “It’s for children!” is a typical, horrified statement.

Well-meaning friends have tried to “help” by making me so-called adult versions of this soup. Gag. First, they make it full of vegetables. I hate vegetables. I know that’s not a nice statement and I apologize to any veggies I have offended, but it’s true. Second, no one makes it with the skinny little noodles. They always use some kind of fancy pasta noodle, which is just WRONG. Lastly, why does everyone want to put celery in soup? To me, celery is just a collection of strings. Why would strings taste better hot?

Anyway, partly from my own desire to expand my food choices, and partly because I’m tired of being the butt of every office lunchtime joke, I have vowed to try new foods. Preferably, foods with some kind of vegetable because my body doesn’t get five veggies per year, let alone per day.

So today, I began this journey by ordering Thai Yam and Coconut soup at a restaurant. I love coconut (think Almond Joy), so how bad can something with coconut really be? Also, I saw several people eating it and there were no big chunks of vegetables in it, despite the owner telling me one bowl contains almost an entire yam.

Things are looking good when the soup is placed in front of me. It’s one smooth color of orange/yellow. I like this. I feel like this is soup I can trust. I’m not accidentally going to spoon a giant hunk of red pepper into my mouth. I take my first spoonful and it tastes sweet, like coconut, and then suddenly it becomes spicy – but just a bit spicy. It’s not curry-spicy, it’s much milder than that. The owner, who has come to watch me eat his soup, or possibly mock me, I’m not sure, tells me that the spicy taste is ginger. Ginger is often found in cookies, so I don’t mind it.

I am extremely pleased and surprised to find that I like this soup! In fact, I can’t wait to have it again. Plus, I have apparently just eaten an actual serving of vegetables in a way that was painless to me. I feel so healthy right now I want to go do a half-marathon and then lecture other people on how easy it is to add vegetables to your diet. I’m sure that feeling will pass, but for now I will bask in healthy glory and chalk up a new food I can eat.

Portlanders: The soup was found at Fresh Thyme Soup Company in Beaverton.


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  1. Chocolate Loving Quilter

     /  July 19, 2012

    I am wondering why vegetables have this “persona of mystery” about them. I think I know how to actually eat 2 or 3 of them. The rest….do you eat the skin? Cook it? How long? Do you cut it, grate it,????????? Vegetables are a mystery to me (not to mention the whole idea of celery-why would anyone want to eat such a stringy mess?!). I have been trying for about 2-3 weeks to add more vegetables to my daily food intake. I rinse, package them, and feel the warm glow of doing something healthy. Only to lug them around for a week and then finally dump the limp, rotten things into my compost pile. Now, if vegetables were covered in chocolate, I’d gobble them right up. Hmmmm…..maybe I should try THAT!

  2. Rosanna Danna

     /  July 17, 2012

    There is a woman in my book group who faked illness to get out of coming to a gathering featuring vegetable laden beef stew, a green salad and strawberry pie for dessert. You are not alone, Picky Eater!

  3. I really like that soup! They have great selections at that restaurant.


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