Giving Out “Thank Yous” for Helping Healthcare

Why is healthcare so expensive? That’s the $2.5 trillion question (yes, that’s trillion with a “t”). Unfortunately, there isn’t one answer to this question, there are about 7,000. But when you step back and take a look at the big picture, there seems to be an overwhelmingly simple way to impact these enormous costs: we need to be healthier.

When I say “simple” I don’t mean “easy.” Getting and staying healthy is incredibly difficult for all of us. But for how complicated the industry is, a key piece of improving healthcare is about as basic as it gets. If everyone made a few changes to live a healthier lifestyle, we’d solve a boat load of the financial issues facing healthcare. Best of all, it’s something we can all be a part of.

With that in mind, we’re trying to get the word out about this “simple” solution. So today, a few of our employees hit the streets, parks, and community centers in search of people taking part in healthy activities. If they saw somebody eating a piece of a fruit, going for a walk, doing relaxation exercises, drinking water, etc., they handed them a crisp dollar bill and a thank you note. They way we see it, that healthy activity saved the healthcare industry money down the road, and we just wanted to share some of those savings.

During the next month, we’ll be out in full force looking for people being proactive with their health, and rewarding them for doing so. So the next time you make the decision to abandon your couch and go for a stroll or choose water over soda, we might reward you for doing it. Keep an eye out for us, we’d love to give you a high-five and some cash for taking good care of yourself, and in the process, helping us save healthcare dollars, one simple step at a time.

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