Healthy Life Hits the Blackberry bRamble!

The deal was simple; pledge to ride your bicycle all summer long, and you’ll score a full PacificSource Healthy Life cycling uniform. We love to promote exercise amongst our employees, and with so many avid cyclists working here, it seemed like a great fit. So earlier this summer, the pledge went out, and about 30 PacificSource employees took the challenge. Their finish line for the pledge was the Blackberry bRamble cycling event in Eugene. To document the day, our Wellness Intern, Xochitl volunteered to follow our cyclists along the course and act as a guest blogger to tell you all about it. Here was her tale from the bRamble:

Waking up at 6:00 a.m. on a weekend doesn’t always sound fun, until you realize that you get to spend it with a bunch of crazy cyclists. Last Sunday, hundreds of people gathered for the “Blackberry bRamble,” a bike celebration with four distance options: a 100-mile century, 62-mile metric century, 39-mile, and 10/20 mile ride.

We had 22 participants in PacificSource gear suited up and ready for the 62-miler, and it was my pleasure to be their amateur photographer for the day. I hopped in our Healthy Life Mobile and took pictures of them racing their hearts out under the scolding sun. They were easy to spot with their matching Healthy Life kits, and I’m sure I was just as easy to see in our ridiculously vibrant Healthy Life Mobile.

Climbing hill after hill, the riders still had enough energy to send a smile my way. One of the riders told me he ended up going 56.4 mph down a hill! With a speed limit of 55 mph, he definitely broke the law… on a bike. I was proud, and it was really neat to be the one who got to follow this awesome group of people. Our bright green and blue uniforms definitely sparked some curiosity from the other cyclists. At rest stops, we got questions like, “What is PacificSource?” and “Are you guys a cycling team?” No, we’re not an official cycling team; just a group of people who want to promote healthy living.

At the finish line, we had a booth ready to help all the riders (not just our “cycling team”) refuel after the race. We handed out fresh, organic fruit and ice cold water to all the riders and their loyal supporters. 

62 miles isn’t easy, but these riders made it look like a piece of cake. They did great!

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Thanks Xochitl! Our PacificSource cycling team is hungry for another ride. If you know of a good ride in Oregon, Idaho, or Montana, please let us know. We can’t wait to get this crew back on the streets.

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