Turn exercise into cash for KIDSPORTS on August 22.

I absolutely love KIDSPORTS. With a very limited staff, they work round the clock to get kids off the couch and on the field. At a time when kids need sports more than ever, their options to play are becoming harder and harder to find. Not only does KIDSPORTS provide a giant selection of youth sports, but they’ve also been able to ensure that no child is turned away for financial reasons. I’ve been lucky enough to coach a few teams through KIDSPORTS, and on every team I’ve coached, there has been at least one player who wouldn’t have been able to play without the KIDSPORTS Scholarship Program. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to tell a family in need that they have a resource to get their little athlete active, and on the team (it tugs the heart strings every time1). This scholarship program has proven to be vital to the health and wellness of kids in our community. With that in mind, my PacificSouce compadres and I looked for a way to support this program. And, since we’re all about promoting exercise, we figured we’d go for a double whammy and get people moving in the process. We think we found the perfect combination.

On Wednesday, August 22 our pals at 94-5 Mix FM and PacificSource are hosting a pretty unique fundraiser for the KIDSPORTS scholarship program. We aren’t asking for monetary donations. Instead, we’re asking people to donate exercise. Sounds bizarre right? Here’s how it works:

From 5:00-6:30p.m., we’ll be at Alton Baker Park giving out mileage cards and maps. All you need to do is take a card, and write down how many miles you walk, run, jog, skip, etc. For every mile you cover, PacificSource will donate $1 on your behalf to KIDSPORTS. PacificSource is prepared to put up $2,000, so we need to get enough people there to log 2,000 miles. That’s like walking from Eugene to Iowa2! If you do some quick math, you’ll realize that we need a pretty big crowd to reach our goal, but with your help we can get there!

So here’s the deal, if you’re in the Eugene area, share this information with your friends, family, co-workers, and the world! Most importantly, show up on August 22 with your shoes laced up and ready to walk for KIDSPORTS. If you want to scout some loops ahead of time, here’s a map to guide your research.

1Instances in the last year where I’ve had a publicly acceptable reason to tear up: Watching the movie “Up” (sadness), slicing off a piece of my hand while cutting an apple (pain/stupidity), watching my buddy get attacked by a humming bird (laughter), and telling a parent they can afford to let their kid play sports (heart-warming).

2Don’t be too impressed with my geography skills. I couldn’t locate my shoes without the help of Google Maps.

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  1. Bowling for Kids’ Sake: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho | Million Ideas

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