More Rewards for Living Healthy

Our street team was out in full force again, this time in Portland. If you read our previous post, Giving Out “Thank Yous” for Helping Healthcare, you’ll remember that we promised to get out in the world and “catch” people taking part in healthy activities. To thank the people we catch exercising, eating healthy snacks, or making an effort to beat their daily stressors, we’re handing them a crisp dollar bill and a thank you note.  

We were thrilled to hand out cash to a flurry of Portlanders to show our appreciation for taking a proactive role in bettering their health. The way we see it, by taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle now, they’re saving the healthcare system a pile of money in the long run.  

We aren’t done handing out cash. We’ll be all over the Northwest looking for more proactive health nuts, and we’d love to reward you for taking care of yourself. Keep an eye out for us.

If you see us out there, we’d love to hear from you. And, what other healthy activities should we look to reward? We’ll take your ideas with us next time we hit the streets.

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