Who Wants to Zumba Zumba!?!

We’re proud to support the Activate Treasure Valley in Boise, ID. They’re constantly looking for ways to promote healthy living to residents in and around the Boise area. A few weeks ago, they held their first annual Zumbathon to show people just how enjoyable exercise can be. To get a first hand experience of the event, one of our employees in Boise, Jacquelyn, documented her Zumba exerperience. Here’s how the day went for Jacquelyn:

“Nothing marks the beginning of Fall like a Boise Zumbathon! In an effort to support Boise’s Activate Treasure Valley, some co-workers and I headed down to the Basque Block in Boise to Zumba with a crowd of fellow Bosians!

In true Zumba fashion, people of all ages ditched their usual workout and joined the party. Local instructors marched us through the Merengue, showed us how to shimmy on a Belly Dance, and offered up some sweet salsa steps. To go along with the dance moves, everyone got a great abdominal workout from laughing at themselves.

We all cut loose on the cumbia and danced like no one was watching.  Everyone from little kids to their grandparents were exercising in the Saturday morning sunshine. By the end, bystanders got off the sidelines and jumped in and danced along. There was even a bride, along with her bridesmaids and groomsmen that got up on stage and did the Samba. 

Activate Treasure Valley was able to show the greater Treasure Valley area that living a fit life style doesn’t mean you have to go sweat it out at the gym. Exercise comes in many forms, and Zumbathon proved that you can mix fun into your fitness.”

Thank you to Activate Treasure Valley for throwing such a great event! If you’ve never tried Zumba, you should give it a whirl. If Jacquelyn’s description is any indication, it’s a blast!

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Making Healthy Changes: Easy as 5-2-1-0

Having the willpower to make healthy lifestyle changes isn’t easy. Watching what you eat, making time for exercise, and breaking unhealthy habits can be really difficult, and lots of us don’t know where to start.

To help get your healthy life ball rolling, we want to bring you a healthy challenge that is really simple. For 30 days, we’re encouraging you to take the 5-2-1-0 in 30 Challenge©. Here’s how it works:

For 30 days, simply do the following:

5 -Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 

2 -Cut recreational screen time to two hours or less a day.

1 -Be physically active for at least one hour every day.

0 -Eliminate sweetened drinks.

How can you participate?

From now until November 21, you can Register online for the 5-2-1-0 in 30 Challenge at healthylifechallenge.org (click on the “Take the Challenge!” button). Once registered, you’ll receive a weekly email reminder to update your 5-2-1-0 activity log based on following the four lifestyle behaviors. And, just for signing up, you’ll be entered to win an Apple Ipad! It’s simple, it’s fun, and if you stick with it, you’ll see great results at the end of your 30 days.

To learn more about 5-2-1-0 in 30, check out the 5-2-1-0 Facebook page. If you take the challenge, we’d love to hear how it goes. And, if you have any other tips to get started living a healthy lifestyle, please share them.

My first day as a Level 2 Adult figure skater – It’s Swizzle time!

Rock Candy Swizzles

Excitement level: High
Rink temperature: Colder than necessary, even for a skating rink
Number of falls: Possibly less than 10

I proudly fiddle with my name badge, which clearly shows any of the people looking at me that I am a Level TWO figure skater now. Not that any of the parents or hockey players sitting on the benches are here to watch me, but I’m pretty sure the Adult Class is the best entertainment they get all day. And if watching grown adults sprawl across the ice in a most ungainly manner is your idea of humor, then I am a comedy all-star.

In the previous four-week session, I mastered the ability to actually skate, in a forward manner, for a decent distance. I tentatively learned to skate backwards as well. (Okay, fine, I still can’t figure out to do any of the “stops” so I kill off my momentum by hitting the wall, which is surprisingly flexible. The wall bounces me off and I drift backward. That counts, right?)

We are now learning to skate backwards intentionally and I am finding it very hard. The good part is that when I fall, I now fall forward. This is slightly more graceful than falling backward. If anyone asks, I can pretend I had the sudden urge to do ice push-ups.

Ah, but wait. The instructor corrects me – she says I should not be falling forward. If anything, I should be falling backward. I am doing it wrong. I listen attentively and correct my weight balance, and promptly fall backward. I took her down to the ice with me though, so at least I had some company.

We are also learning a basic skill called “swizzles.” You point your skates in opposite directions and slowly slide into something close to the middle splits, or what we adults call the “YEEEOOOW” position. Before your legs split off from your body, you slide them back in. If done correctly, you make a shape on the ice like a short, fat, goldfish. So little kids learning to skate call them “fishes.” I call them “#$#%@*&% fish swizzles” and my fish are so narrow they are clearly starving to death.

I had a moment of very high self-esteem when I correctly performed three swizzles in a row. It was obliterated when the instructor announced it was now time to do the swizzles backward.

If you missed the story about my first day as a figure skater, check it out here: My First Day as an Adult Figure Skater