My First Day as Adult Figure Skater

I will totally look like thisExcitement level: Medium, tempered with nervousness
Rink temperature: Bone chilling
Number of falls: Come now, there’s no need for counting

Why on earth did I think it was a good idea to take up ice skating?  It’s the least likely of hobbies for me. I am cold in 75 degree weather. I don’t break a sweat until temperatures reach the high 90’s, and even then, I spend a lot of time walking around saying, “It’s not so bad.”

The fact that I would choose a sport that involves being cold at all times is a confirmation of something I have suspected for the last five years: I am getting dumber.

However, I love being fit, and I haven’t been so fit lately. I tried to picture a type of exercise that would be fun and not something I would dread. And so I resurrected my long-dead dream of being a figure skater.

This is my first class. It’s a class just for adults. I went ice skating a few times on a frozen pond as a kid. I don’t recall being any good at it, but I think I managed to stay upright, mostly. So I was surprised to splat, full body, within the first three minutes of my class. No sooner had I brushed the ice off my jeans, and bam, down again. I realize this sounds idiotic, but the ice is HARD. Somehow I thought it would be softer than falling on cement. (See what I mean about the “getting dumber” thing?)

I fell so many times that the instructor actually stopped the class and gave us a little clinic on How To Crash To the Ice Properly. Just in case the other students weren’t paying attention, I gave them several more demonstrations.

And yet, I had moments of such fun I was giggling. When you do it right, gliding across the ice feels a little bit like flying.

And, ohhhhh yeah, I want to fly.

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  1. Sarah

     /  January 29, 2015

    Your posts are amazing! I have just started skating, and your updates (I’ve read them all now) are just what I needed, I laughed until I cried!! Fantastic, truly 🙂

    • KJ

       /  January 30, 2015

      That makes me so happy Sarah! I’m glad to know I’m not alone on this crazy journey!

  2. I love it! I’m so super jealous.

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