Thanking Boise for Helping Healthcare

It’s pretty easy to stay active in the Summer. The weather is great, there’s always something going on, and being indoors is a drag. But when the weather cools down, it gets a little harder. That’s why we took to the streets of Boise, Idaho on the hunt for humans with healthy habits. We wanted to reward those who stay healthy all year long.

If you haven’t heard about how we reward people for taking part in healthy activities, check out Giving Out “Thank Yous” for Helping Healthcare. Basically, we recognize that your taking part in a healthy activity is benefitting everyone, so we want to give you a small chunk of what you’re saving the healthcare system.                             

Last week, our employees ventured thorough the Nature Center, along the greenbelt and through Municipal Park in search of people that were engaging in a healthy activities. When we spotted somebody eating a healthy lunch, running, taking their kids on a walk, or tossing a football in the park, we handed out $1 bills with a note thanking them for being a part of the health care solution.

We all have a part to play in moving healthcare forward, so we’ll continue to reward those taking steps in the right direction. Keep an eye out, you never know where we’ll reward healthy living next.

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