Who Wants to Zumba Zumba!?!

We’re proud to support the Activate Treasure Valley in Boise, ID. They’re constantly looking for ways to promote healthy living to residents in and around the Boise area. A few weeks ago, they held their first annual Zumbathon to show people just how enjoyable exercise can be. To get a first hand experience of the event, one of our employees in Boise, Jacquelyn, documented her Zumba exerperience. Here’s how the day went for Jacquelyn:

“Nothing marks the beginning of Fall like a Boise Zumbathon! In an effort to support Boise’s Activate Treasure Valley, some co-workers and I headed down to the Basque Block in Boise to Zumba with a crowd of fellow Bosians!

In true Zumba fashion, people of all ages ditched their usual workout and joined the party. Local instructors marched us through the Merengue, showed us how to shimmy on a Belly Dance, and offered up some sweet salsa steps. To go along with the dance moves, everyone got a great abdominal workout from laughing at themselves.

We all cut loose on the cumbia and danced like no one was watching.  Everyone from little kids to their grandparents were exercising in the Saturday morning sunshine. By the end, bystanders got off the sidelines and jumped in and danced along. There was even a bride, along with her bridesmaids and groomsmen that got up on stage and did the Samba. 

Activate Treasure Valley was able to show the greater Treasure Valley area that living a fit life style doesn’t mean you have to go sweat it out at the gym. Exercise comes in many forms, and Zumbathon proved that you can mix fun into your fitness.”

Thank you to Activate Treasure Valley for throwing such a great event! If you’ve never tried Zumba, you should give it a whirl. If Jacquelyn’s description is any indication, it’s a blast!

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