Infographic: Don’t Let Your Oral Health Go Up In Smoke

Most of us know that smoking is bad for us, but did you know just how bad it can be for your mouth? To show the negative effects of smoking on your oral health, we created this infographic.

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  1. Thanks for this great infographic and for being so open to letting people post it on their dental blogs. I know my patients will benefit from this information.

  2. Yeah smoking causes gum disease. Smoking is very serious as well as dangerous as it may not cause pain, but it can cause to loose teeth due to infection of the gums. Thanks God that I don’t smoke!

  3. Great infographic on how the mouth is the gateway to the body, thanks for sharing! We used it on our blog –

    • Thank you so much for sharing it. It looks great on your blog, we certainly appreciate you spreading the information.

  4. Nice infographic! We’d love to share on our blog(s) if you have an embed code.

  5. Marian Blankenship

     /  November 7, 2012

    Good stuff!

    [cid:image001.gif@01CDBCDA.607DC500]Marian Blankenship
    Director Government Relations/Executive Director Charitable Foundation
    PacificSource Health Plans
    FAX: 541-431-3806
    110 International Way
    Springfield, Oregon 97477

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