How to Properly do a Lunge

Lunges offer a fantastic way to build strength in several lower body muscle groups. And, since it can be performed with minimal space and equipment, it’s one of the most convenient exercises you’ll find. But, like many exercises, doing improper lunges can cause more harm than good.

To show us how to properly execute a lunge, we reached out to Physical Therapist, Colin Hoobler, to show us the proper technique. Check out this quick video demonstration to learn how to get the most out of your lunges without causing any damage to your body.

If you live in the Portland area, and you’d like to attend a workshop with Colin Hoobler, click here to learn more and register online.

Tips to Burn Off Your Holiday Meal

christmas-lights-amazing-christmas-lights-walking-in-the-parkIf you’re looking for a great way to burn off part of your holiday meal, there’s no better way than taking a walk and gazing at the barrage of holiday decorations. To give you an idea of how you can enjoy the process, we asked one of our employees, Sue, to give us some tips to make your holiday gazing fun and safe.

Meet SueT‘is the season for holiday lights and decorations! My family and I used to drive around and look for the best and brightest decorations, but with the streets lit for the winter, we’ve found that we can turn our holiday sight seeing into a pretty great workout. It lets us take everything in, it’s more relaxing, and as an added benefit, we get fit!

Over the years, we’ve made refinements for maximum enjoyment. Whether you’re walking in your neighborhood or on an organized tour, here are our five tips for walkin’ in a winter wonderland:

  1. Wear layers of clothing, including gloves and a hat. A Santa hat is optional, but you may discover it’s surprisingly warm.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes, and dress for the rain. In the northwest, a wet Christmas is much more likely than a white Christmas, so make sure you’re prepared.
  3. Park in a well-lighted area at the start of your route.
  4. If you walk at night, make sure to dress in reflective or lighted gear. Not only is it dark out, but lots of drivers are paying more attention to the decorations than the walkers on the road.
  5. Be flexible and have fun. Stop for a break when you need it. Take time to listen to carolers or smell a late blooming rose. If you see Father Christmas, be sure to wave and say hello.

How Marketing Has an Impact on Children’s Health

Lots of us hate to admit it, but marketing has a huge impact on what we buy, eat, and how we live our lives. While marketing and advertising affects all of us, children are especially impressionable. A good advertiser knows what will stick with kids, and they use every trick in the book. The junk food industry is no exception, and marketers understand that getting their message to children leads to big business. To show just how much of an impact marketing has on our children’s health, we reached out to and USC Rossier Online and borrowed their infographic, “Targeting Children With Treats.”

A huge thanks to and USC Rossier Online for sharing the infographic!