My first day as a Level 3 Adult figure skater – Crossovers are death.

polar bear sliding on iceExcitement level: Pretty darn high
Rink temperature: Seriously? Does it need to be this cold?
Number of falls: I don’t want to talk
about it

There is some confusion as I skate out to join the other members of the Level 3 Figure Skating class. I have graduated from the Adult Class and my only route now is to take the children’s classes. My five classmates all appear to be about seven years old. They don’t understand what I am doing here. At first, the instructor thinks I must be some kind of crazed helicopter parent. I clarify that I am here as a skater. “But this class is for childr…er, Level 3’s. Are you a Level 3?”

“Oh yes!” I say so proudly that you’d think she just asked me if I was a supermodel instead. The kids say nothing, but their frozen stares say it all. They do not like me. Not one little bit.

At this level we are learning a key basic skill called “crossovers,” or, as I like to call them, “#$#%@*&% crossovers.” To do a crossover, you skate forward, pick up one foot and cross it in front of you. In layperson’s terms, this is also called “tripping yourself.”

For a refreshing change, I am not the only one falling. However, whenever I fall, everyone in the rink seems to stop, suck in their breath, and think that surely the fall has killed me. The only thing missing is that sound they use in movie trailers where someone rips a needle off a record.

Children of the cornAt the end of the class, I tried to shake hands with my classmates and tell them what a good job they did, but they all just stared at my outstretched hand. Geez, The Children of the Corn were more welcoming than this lot. Eh, we’re all cold and did a lot of falling today. Maybe they’ll warm up to me in time.

After class, I rushed home to practice crossovers in my socks on my kitchen linoleum. My husband came home to find me on the floor. “Did you trip?” he asked innocently.

(If you missed my previous posts about starting up figure skating as adult, check out my previous two posts here: My First Day as an Adult Figure Skater and here: My First Day as a Level 2 Adult Figure Skater – It’s Swizzle Time!

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  1. It’s an remarkable post in support of all the online viewers; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  2. Picky Eater

     /  December 11, 2012

    Thank you both for the encouragement! I’ll get these darn crossovers one day!

  3. I can so relate — crossovers scare me. I took Pre-Alpha with my children lo those many years ago when they were first learning to skate, and I could get the swizzles and wiggles and such, but crossovers… Nope. Three times in Alpha and then I just gave up. I call myself a crossover dropout. If you can do them, I’m impressed!

  4. Love it. Great writing. I used to be a competitive skater (ice dance). I can so relate to the deadly crossovers 🙂


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