Eating Atomic Hot Wings for Charity

4637304714_f7d12fac29Nothing says, “I care about a great cause” like putting yourself through incredible pain. Strangely, that’s exactly what two PacificSource employees have done two years in a row. In an effort to raise money for Saving Grace in Bend Oregon, James and Matt have made it a tradition to eat extremely hot food. “Extremely hot” is an understatement. We’re talking about, “set your mouth, stomach, and entire body on fire” foods.

Last year, they ate Trinidad Peppers, which are widely considered to be the hottest peppers on earth. To “up the ante” this year, they pledged to eat 10 Atomic Hot Wings (hottest wings in Oregon) in 10 minutes. So, not only did they need to endure the pain of the wings, they needed to eat them at a rapid rate. Here were the rules:

getting ready1) No dipping sauces allowed

2) Wings must be eaten down to the bone, one at a time

3) A drink of choice is allowed, but not recommended

After the challenge was set, they took in pledges from other PacificSource employees who wanted to watch them suffer through 10 minutes of spicy fury. After it was all said and done, these guys raised more than $2,200 for Saving Grace!

Since 1977, Saving Grace has provided support and services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, date rape and stalking. It’s an incredible cause, and while James and Matt felt miserable during the challenge, the fact that they were supporting such a spectacular charity made it possible.

James2Not only did these guys finish the challenge, but they did so in record time! To watch these food eating maniacs in action, check out the video below.

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  1. Kristine Pareira

     /  December 31, 2012

    Nice job guys – glad to have supported you in such a worthy cause, even if you both have an unusual way of showing your support!

  2. Picky Eater

     /  December 20, 2012

    James and Matt, you are my heroes. As a picky eater, I won’t even eat food that has TOUCHED other spicy food. You willingly dove headlong into the spice? Wow.


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