Big Brothers Big Sisters: How Mentors Make a Huge Impact

72176_449435578448317_1977981091_n (1)The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is remarkably simple; provide children of single-parent families with a positive adult role model. Being a single parent is an extraordinary challenge, and no matter how hard they try, filling the roles of two parents will always be a struggle. That’s why Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs children with pre-screened volunteers that want to get actively involved in the life of a child. They meet with kids, have some fun, and in the process they help families.

In Southeast Idaho, we’re extremely proud to support the regional chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. To give a good idea of the kind of impact they’re making in our Idaho community, we wanted to share this story from a mother whose son is benefiting from the program:

“The Big Brother Big Sister of Southeast Idaho program has been a godsend for my son. His father isn’t consistent with visits (usually, once every one to six months), and he doesn’t always return phone calls. This has left a void in my son’s life that feels like an open wound.

Having a Big Brother has helped to assuage the pain. Having an adult male who is concerned about his life is extremely important. I try to take each of my children on at least one “date” a month, but having extra visits means so much. The fact that they share similar interests is especially helpful for my son since he has Asperger’s Syndrome and has limited interests. I am regaled with the minute details of every conversation when he gets home, and he is so excited to share. He feels good about himself when he is around his Big Brother, and this isn’t something he feels on a regular basis around his peers. His Big Brother has been a blessing to him and our family.”

522405_449435751781633_1408603704_n (1)A gigantic thank you to the mother who shared this story, and an even bigger thank you to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Idaho. You’ve made our community a better place to live, and we couldn’t be happier to the support your cause.

To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Idaho, check out their Facebook page.

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