5K to Half Marathon Plan

HL  Half Marathon Training Guide_Page_1

Scenario: You’re kind of getting into the whole running and walking thing, and you just knocked out a 5k. Huge accomplishment! But now you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, and it’s time to think HUGE!

Since we’re based in Eugene, OR, we love the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon. The event is awesome, but more so, the race itself is a blast. Since lots of our employees run the half marathon, we developed a two month training plan for our employees, and we’d love to share it with you. If you’re looking for that “next big challenge,” think about setting your sights on the 13.1 mile monster that is the Half Marathon!

Click on the image to download our training plan, and we’ll be posting new running tips on MillionIdeas.org to keep you on track as you’re training.

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  1. I am well behind you, but I am going to totally try to catch up!

  1. Step it Up! Hitting the Excuse Wall | Million Ideas

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