A $5 Million Idea? Vote for Springfield, OR!

Huffington Post Screen ShotThe Huffington Post wants to reward innovative cities who are trying to change our country for the better. To back it up, they’re putting their money where their mouth is and offering a grand prize of $5 million. They’ve picked 20 cities as finalists, and now, we get to vote for our favorite. Check out the promotion here: Mayors Challenge

Here’s the deal, I’m definitely biased on this one. I live in Springfield, OR, and I’m down right inspired by my city’s idea to improve healthcare. In a nutshell, Springfield has the idea to create a mobile healthcare system complete with a 24 hour nurse call center (for over the phone, self-treatment ideas), doctors on Skype, and nurse home visits. It skips the ER, provides better care, and it’s a much cheaper option than ambulances and hospital visits. It’s a big idea, but with $5 million in seed money, the City of Springfield could actually make this happen. Here’s a short video that lays it out:

You can check out all of the inspiring ideas above, and make sure to vote for Springfield by clicking here.

Awesome promotion, and kudos to the 20 cities that are among the finalists. These are some truly inspiring ideas, and I can’t wait to see who wins.

Voting ends on March 6, so get your vote in today!

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