New York Soda Ban Denied by Judge

12qanda-blog480In September, 2012, the New York City Health Board passed a measure that would ban the sale of large sugary drinks within New York City (New York Soda Ban: Where Do You Stand?). The ban was a huge win for public health officials, but it sparked all kinds of debate over whether or not the Health Board was overstepping their boundaries.

Yesterday, a judge overturned the measure stating, “The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of this rule.” So for now, no ban on large sugary beverages will go into effect. However, the city plans to appeal the judge’s ruling, and the “soda fight” will once again rage on.

The measure was set to ban the sale of any sugary beverage larger than 16oz (with the exception of large grocery stores). The reasoning of the New York City Health Board was that decreasing portion sizes typically leads to weight loss. Since sugary beverages (especially soda) are a common source of added calories, the city argued that this would be an effective tactic to fight obesity. Sound reasoning, but is it really the government’s role to regulate unhealthy drinks? That’s been the debate.

For now, New Yorkers can still enjoy a 64oz Big Gulp, a Venti latte, or a jug of soda at the movie theater. But with the national exposure this measure is getting, similar initiatives could start popping up in other parts of the country.

So we’d love to know, would you be for against a similar ban in your city? Feel free to weigh in below.

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  2. Outstanding news it is definitely. I’ve been awaiting for this info.

  3. I was hoping this would pass and other states would follow. Obesity has become a crisis within our nation. What happens when children no longer out live their parents? Will we eat and drink ourselves into extinction? Maybe we should regulate food the same way we do alcohol and tobacco.


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