Share Your Ideas to Move Health Forward

Java PrintingWe started this blog for one reason; to listen and share ideas that can improve health. So far, we’ve talked about community outreach, healthcare, and just about every wellness topic under the sun. But without a doubt, the most meaningful ideas have come from you, and we’re asking for more.

Thanks to your comments on blog posts and the “Share Your Ideas” forum (top left), we’ve been able to listen to your feedback, complaints, and ideas to improve healthcare. Using those comments, we’ve created content, performed research, and used them to change the way we interact with our communities. We absolutely appreciate every comment we’ve received, and we encourage you to read what other’s have already contributed.

So please, if you have an idea for improving health, healthcare, or the communities in which we live, share it! Or, if you want us to blog about a certain topic, we’d love to hear it. If there’s a new fitness fad or hot recipe, pass it on and we’ll give it a whirl. If there’s something irking you about healthcare, tell us, and we’ll talk about it. Let us know what you want us to blog about, and we’ll do our best to create content that is meaningful to you.

Click on the Share Your Ideas tab above, and let yourself be heard. We’re always listening.

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