Wellness Trivia: The Fast Food Quiz


A huge part of eating well is understanding the unhealthy temptations that are always lurking. Since fast food is quick, tasty, and convenient, it might be the most tempting of them all. With that in mind, we put together a quick quiz to test your knowledge of fast food. Let’s see how you do:

1) The United States has the biggest fast food market in the world. Which country comes in second?

a) India
b) England
c) Canada
d) China

2) In 1993, the average fast food cheeseburger had 333 calories. How many calories does the average fast food cheeseburger have today?

a) 450
b) 590
c) 630
d) 720

3) To maintain a healthy diet, most nutritionists recommend limiting fast food to:

a) Once a week
b) Once a month
c) Once a year
d) Never

4) What is the biggest selling restaurant food in the United States?

a) French fries
b) Hamburgers
c) Pizza
d) Ice cream

5) According to the University of California Berkley, for the average dieter, which food is hardest to give up when dieting?

a) French Fries
b) Chips
c) Cheese
d) Butter


1) D, China. The introduction of western chains like KFC, McDonalds, Subway, and Pizza Hut has helped China’s fast food market sky-rocket. Not to mention, with China’s massive population, that’s a big market to sell to.

2) B, 590. That’s 77% more calories than 20 years ago. It’s safe to say serving sizes are growing.

3) B, Once a month. Ok, if you said “never” or “once a year,” you should probably get full credit too. But most nutritionists agree that the occasional splurge can fit into a healthy diet. However, it’s key to keep those splurges to a minimum.

4) A, French Fries. Fries are served with approximately 22% of all restaurant meals.

5) C, Cheese. It makes sense, cheese is everywhere and it’s delicious. The average American eats about 28 pounds of cheese every year.

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