Reaching 100 Miles

This isn't me, but after week one of my challenge, I felt like the lady in red!

This isn’t me, but after week one of my challenge, I felt like the lady in red!

Last month, I wrote about my One Month, 100 Mile Challenge. It was a monster, but I completed my challenge! Well, I actually completed it on Cinco de Mayo. I don’t think there is a better way to celebrate a victory than by pouring yourself an ice cold margarita. Which is exactly what I did.

I won’t lie though, it was a tough challenge. Especially that first week (which is why I am calling “the learning curve”. Sorry, I couldn’t think of something more clever). Basically, I was running 3.5 miles a day and doing it poorly. It took me a lot of time to realize that it wasn’t that I was a bad runner, it was that I had no idea what I was doing. My form was terrible, I didn’t believe in pacing myself, and I was constantly forgetting how to breath.

Still, it was really empowering to know that I could make it. After week one, weeks two, three, and four were cake. By the end of it, four miles felt like nothing. I could have taken on the Eugene Marathon! I could not believe I had actually run 100 miles in just four weeks. Last time I talked to you about tips on how to begin the challenge, this time I want to give you tips for learning how to run.

  1. Keep good posture. Shoulders low, arms bent at the elbow but relaxed. I have an issue with tensing up my shoulders, which puts them right next to my ears when I run. A) That’s not a comfortable way to run and B) you get tired of doing it very quickly.
  2. Pace yourself.  I cannot stress this enough. I would stretch and get so hyped up and ready to run that I would sprint right off the bat. Needless to say I tuckered myself out within the first mile, making the other 2.5 really miserable. Jogging might take longer but at least you will make it to end without feeling overly exhausted.
  3. Get a group. There were so many days I just did not want to make time to run. I just wanted to sit in my bed and be a vegetable. Finding a group of people who are excited about running was so influential. Not only did they hold me accountable, but they got me excited run with them every week.
  4. Also don’t forget to breath. I forgot. It was not fun.

This was such a great challenge, and I am already planning my second round. I’m really excited to keep running. Who knows, maybe by the end of summer I will run my first half marathon!

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  1. Thank you both for the vote of confidence. It was a tough challenge, but definitely one of the more fulfilling tasks I have ever completed. I highly recommend it, and if either of you choose to partake I would love to hear about it! It has been taking of the greek world on campus lately, but it would be fun to have it expand beyond that.

  2. These are some great tips that people need to follow for proper running. Congrats on completing your challenge. It really is motivational to read about someone doing so great and pushing themselves. Since I started blogging, I have been motivated to get back in shape and be productive. Hopefully, I can run 100 miles in a month soon too. Great post and keep up the awesome work 🙂

  3. This is a cool idea, I have never thought about running in terms of total miles over the month. Interesting post!

  1. One Month, One Hundred Mile Challenge | Million Ideas

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