Sabotage! Someone sneaks red peppers into the Picky Eater’s food!

Sabotage1We’ve gone over this right? I don’t do vegetables. I hate them, and for all I know, they hate me. Nonetheless, it’s pretty obvious that I’m going to need vegetables to live a healthy life. So I keep trying to like them. And if I can’t find a way to like them, then I want to find the least offensive way to force them down.

I made a huge step recently when I made peace with the fact that I only like iceberg lettuce. Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say, “There’s no nutritional value in iceberg lettuce. You need dark leafy greens like spinach and kale.” Are you done saying it? Are you happy now? Good. BECAUSE I HATE SPINACH AND KALE!

But I actually like iceberg lettuce. And I found that by eating iceberg lettuce, I was much more willing to eat salads. In fact, I am starting to really enjoy some salads – especially taco salad and Greek salad.

And this is where the sabotage comes in.


Cochese knows you planned it.

My husband, seeing that I have accidentally eaten the occasional stray tomato bit in my salads, decided to replace those few tomato bits with red peppers. (Do we need to stop here and say that I don’t like tomatoes? I’m sure it goes without saying.) So I thought nothing when I saw a few bits of red in my iceberg lettuce salad. I ate them and planned to complain about how some of his tomatoes had fallen into my portion of the salad.

But then, something happened.
(No, my heart did now grow three sizes.)

The “tomato bits” were really flavorful and enjoyable. I liked them. I actually liked them. “What are these great new tomatoes you used? Where have these tomatoes been hiding all my life?”

I reacted well when he told me they were red peppers. I punched him. (Not in the face, of course. That would have been rude.)

So there it is. If the pickiest eater on the planet can eat and like red peppers, I think you can too. Try them, if you haven’t. Try them in tiny pieces. Hide them if you have to. Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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