Nutrition Trivia: Which Option is Healthiest (Quiz)? Round 2

We’re at it again! We like to blend Jeopardy with wellness trivia, so we’re putting you to the test. If it’s your first time taking one of our wellness quizzes, here’s the game: we give you two food options, and you have to tell us which is healthier (or in some cases, the lesser of two evils). Give it a shot, check your answers below, and see if you’re a nutritional wiz!

Round 1) French Fries vs. Onion Rings: Which is typically healthier?

Fries vs. Rings

Round 2) Green Beans vs. Asparagus: Which is typically healthier?

Beans vs. Asparagus

Round 3) Plain Greek Yogurt vs. Plain Low Fat Yogurt: Which is typically healthier?

Greek vs. Low Fat

Round 4) Which has more antioxidants? Cherries vs. Blueberries

Cherries vs. Blueberries

Round 5) Cap’n Crunch vs. Froot Loops: Which is typically healthier?

Froot Loops vs


1) French Fries. Ok, both are pretty darn bad. But the average serving of onion rings has about 100 more calories than fries. Plus, onion rings are loaded with sodium, sugar, and fat. Once again, both terrible options, but we had to pick a winner, so fries take the battle.

2) Asparagus. This might be too close to call, so if you stand on the green bean side of the fence, don’t get angry with us (you’re probably right too). Both are fantastic additions to your diet, but since asparagus is lower in carbs and calories, we’ll give it the slight nod. That being said, green beans are usually cheaper and easier to find fresh. So if convenience were in play, the scales might tip the other way. Don’t listen to us on this one, go ahead and make your own call (you can’t lose).

3) Greek. For those of you who thought Greek yogurt was just a trend, turns out, it has some sticking power. While both are great additions to your diet, Greek Yogurt has about half the sugar of regular yogurt. Not to mention, Greek Yogurt also has a much higher content of protein.

4) Blueberries. Remember we only asked about antioxidants. But keep in mind that both are fantastic for your overall health, and eating them as a tag-team is a great idea. Both are loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. So don’t let blueberries victory throw you off, both are great additions to your diet.

5) Froot Loops. Both have adorable mascots, and that’s about where their benefits drop off. Let’s make one thing clear, eating either of these as your primary breakfast food is a bad decision. But since Cap’n Crunch has a sugar content of about 44% and Froot Loops is around 41%, we’ll call Froot Loops the lesser of two evils (a very evil lesser of two evils).

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