A Week of “Awesomeness” for Kids!

jordan-kent-camp0004“Awesomeness” has become the common theme among campers attending the Jordan Kent Skills Camp being offered throughout the state this summer.

These “awesome” weeklong day camps offer life skills, education and instruction in football, baseball, and soccer for girls and boys ages 6 – 12. They also provide healthy snacks, nutrition education, and fun contests.

The Jordan Kent Skills Camp is as much about learning important sport skills as it is about learning valuable life lessons. That’s because at the helm of these camps is one of Oregon’s most well-rounded and balanced athletes – former University of Oregon three sport athlete Jordan Kent.  As a former track and field, basketball, and football star, Kent was the first three-sport letterman at Oregon since World War II. Now that his athletic career is in his rear view mirror, he’s dedicating his time to a new cause; promoting health and wellness to children. His unique skills camps combine sport and character fundamentals in an effort to uphold the camp’s mission to ‘impact the lives of youth in a positive way by providing the most affordable, inspiring, educational and entertaining youth sports camp in our community.’

To get a closer look at these camps, we sent our Healthy Life Director, Alexa
to one of these camps in Tigard, OR. Here’s her story from the day:

The camp allows campers to try one of three sports including football, soccer, and basketball. There are several coaches (hand selected by none other than Jordan Kent himself to ensure that his coaching staff has the same dedication and commitment to community and youth sports as he does) for each sport working with the kids to help them develop new skills or apply the skills they’ve just learned during a scrimmage.  Kent, like the pro that he is, glides from the inside basketball court to the outdoor football and soccer fields to help his coaches where needed and encouraging kids to stay hydrated, work on a specific skill or remind them that the most important thing is to have fun, work hard and do your best.

ResizedImage_1373658261360“Our approach allows every camper to comprehend the life skills, set goals and grow into a better person and athlete by the end of the week – while having as much ‘awesome’ fun as possible,” said Kent as he graciously posed for pictures with campers and signed posters and camp tee shirts at the end of the weeklong camp.

New this year to camps this year is the use of Nike+ FuelBands to measure campers’ movement and track energy information.  To date, more than 50,000 calories have been burned (that’s an average of 1,000+ calories per camper), 1, 812, 296 steps have been taken and almost 80 pounds have been lost in total by campers!

As I was leaving the camp, I overheard a parent thanking Kent saying, “thanks so much Jordan for another great camp experience – my daughter was so excited every morning to come to camp and she wished it could go on all summer.”

I’d say that’s…pretty awesome!

The Jordan Kent Skills Camps are proudly presented by PacificSource Healthy Life and Wells Fargo.

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