The “Thank You for Helping Healthcare” Project

IMG956013You can’t sugar coat it, healthcare is crazy expensive. We’re talking several trillion dollars expensive. But why does it cost so much? That’s the real question. Unfortunately, there are lots of factors that drive up the cost of healthcare. But the good news is that there’s something everyone can do to help impact the rising costs; get (and stay) healthy.

It’s true, for how complicated the industry is, a key piece of improving healthcare is about as basic as it gets. If everyone made a few changes to live a healthier lifestyle, we’d solve a boat load of the financial issues facing healthcare. With that in mind, we hit the streets with a stack of cash and “thank you” cards to show our appreciation for people exercising, eating well, or taking part in a healthy activity. The way we see it, doing something to better your health saves all of us money, so we wanted to give some of those savings back to you.

Throughout this summer, we’ll be all over the Great Northwest looking for the people who are actively trying to live a healthy life. We’d love to give you a high-five, a crisp dollar bill, and our sincere thanks for taking care of yourself. So keep an eye out!

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