Sharing Thanks in Portland

100_0688As we have gotten our ‘Thank you for Helping Healthcare’ project underway we have visited places all over Springfield, Eugene and Portland. Walking through parks and hiking trails and even moseying through popular lunch areas in search of people make healthy life choices.

Over the past couple weeks we have made our presence known in both Portland and Eugene. And even though the weather hasn’t been great we found people who were dedicated to staying active. If you haven’t heard about how we reward people for taking part in healthy activities, check out The ‘Thank You for Helping Healthcare’ Project. We want to recognize the people taking the extra steps needed to lead a healthy life, and we want to share the benefits.

015On our visit to Portland we hiked around Multnomah Falls and Waterfront Park, discovering some new trails and great people along the way. Every person we came across who was, hiking, biking, running, walking and jogging we gave them a crisp dollar bill, and note with a sincere thank you on it. Since we revamped the summer project we have brought smiles and dollar bills to nearly fifty people across the Northwest. Each healthy decision saves the healthcare industry hundreds of dollars, it is our goal to give those savings back to the community.

We all have a part to play in moving healthcare forward, so we’ll continue to reward those taking steps in the right direction. Keep an eye out for us, you never know where we might share the wealth next.

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