Getting Paid to Walk It Off

MillionIdeas_2It’s pretty tough to beat a summer walk in the park. But we found a way; paying you for it! Last night in Eugene OR, we donated $1 for every mile walked, run, jogged, or biked to the youth athletics non-profit, KIDSPORTS!

This summer, along with Liz N Reilly (our pals with Mix 94.5-FM) we hosted “Walk It Off” on every Wednesday evening of the summer. The simplicity of “Walk It Off” is what makes it great. You show up, sign up with Liz N Reilly (to enter to win some prizes), and take a walk around some beautiful parks in Eugene. That’s it. It’s just an excuse to get outdoors and active on a summer evening. The event has been fantastic, but we thought it needed a grand finale. So on the last “Walk It Off” of the summer, PacificSource pledged to donate dollars for miles. The response was amazing! Check out this clip from KEZI 9 News:

The Results

After sifting through hundreds of pledge cards, the results are in:

  • Number of Walkers: 399
  • Total Miles: 1,437
  • Average Distance: 3.6 miles
  • Donation to KIDSPORTS!: $1,437

MillionIdeas_11All the money will go directly to the KIDSPORTS! Scholarship fund which helps ensure that regardless of a family’s finances, all kids get the chance to play team sports. That means that the 399 people who exercised last night helped get children active in Eugene/Springfield. Pretty heart-warming when you put it in perspective.

We can’t thank Liz N Reilly enough for being the driving force behind “Walk It Off.” We’d also like to thank KEZI 9 News for promoting and covering the event last night. They gave KIDSPORTS! the exposure they deserved, and painted a fantastic picture of how people in Eugene/Springfield were so willing to sweat it out for their community.

We had a blast, and can’t wait to cut the check to KIDSPORTS! Here are some snapshots from last night.

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