Infographic: Nurselines vs. Urgent Cares vs. Emergency Rooms

Nurseline Graphic_blog_final

We’ve all been there; at the worst possible time (when your doctor’s office is closed) you come down with a nasty illness or suffer an injury. Then the question looms, “where do I turn for help?”

For most people, the emergency room is the first option that comes to mind. While emergency rooms are still the best choice in a life or death situation, they aren’t the most affordable or efficient in most scenarios. So, we created this infographic to explain the differences between nurse lines, urgent cares, and emergency rooms. All three are available during non-business hours, and they all serve a different purpose. If you use them correctly, you’ll ensure that you get the best, most efficient care possible. And, if you can avoid the emergency room (when you don’t need it), you’ll save a bundle!

We certainly hope you’ll stay healthy, but if you need quick medical help, this should steer you in the right direction.


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    My infographic about Nurselines, ERs, and Urgent Cares


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