Congratulations Thurston Elementary!

Thurston Elementary Assembly

We had the chance to speak at the Thurston Elementary School morning assembly to tell the students how awesome their teachers are!

Last Spring, we rolled out a challenge for teachers in Eugene and Springfield. The way we see it, kids need healthy role models, and while parents play a major role in setting a great example, so do their teachers. So for one month, we asked teachers to eat as many fruits and vegetables as they could, track them, and talk about it with their students.After it was all said and done, three schools (all in Springfield) topped the list. Springfield High School, Briggs Middle School, and Thurston Elementary School. The teachers at these schools absolutely devoured their fruits and veggies, and they proved to their students that they were living a healthy lifestyle.

Yesterday, we stopped by Thurston Elementary and told their students just how special their teachers were. We were astounded at the effort these teachers put forth, and we wanted to make sure the kids knew just how incredible their role models are. They earned the crown of “Healthiest Teachers in Town,” and the students seemed to love the title.

To check out a news story from our friends at KVAL News, check out the short video: Teachers lead by example in healthy living competition

video link

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