An Oregonian’s Guide to Playing in the Rain

puddle_jumperHere’s the deal, if you live in the Northwest, staying active during our 7 months of solid rain takes dedication. But if you’re a true Oregonian, you can actually use the rain to your advantage! We asked one of our guest bloggers, Emily, to give us some tips for playing in the rain. True rain playing isn’t for amateurs, so take some tips from a pro! Emily, take it away:

Some of my favorite childhood memories came from going out in the pouring rain, when every ditch and field was flooded, and embracing the rain with my best friend. We ran in the rain, galloped through water up to our knees, and got soaked to the skin. What can I say? I’m a native Oregonian. Rain water runs through my veins. Umbrellas are for imports.

While very fun, playing in a downpour takes some expertise that can only be acquired through true dedication to the craft. With that in mind, here are my 10 rules for making the most out of playing in the rain:

  1. Don’t wear heavy clothing (drowning is NOT the goal) or anything that will chafe.
  2. Don’t play with lightning.  Seriously.  Just don’t.
  3. Watch drains and ditches, they can be VERY dangerous and fast-moving in rain storms. My friend and I discovered an uncovered drainage hole in the soccer field, my friend almost sucked down!
  4. Don’t go out if you’re not feeling 100%.  Pneumonia is not your friend.
  5. Don’t play with real flood water or in areas that are likely to flood. There’s a difference between playing in a field that is temporarily flooded due to excessive rain and standing on top of a car, waiting for rescue.
  6. Only play in areas you are familiar. Remember, all sorts of hazardous objects can hide in the water.
  7. Wear long pants and boots.
  8. Have a decontamination area ready…you don’t want the water and mud tracked through the entire house!
  9. Be ready to get dry and warm as soon as you get home. Have the towels and hot cocoa, tea, cider or soup prepped.
  10. Have fun!!!
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  1. Karen

     /  November 7, 2013

    So I guess that’s why you left early today . . . to play in the rain? 🙂

  1. Forget Should! | Million Ideas

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