3,215 Healthy Ideas From You!

It started as a simple experiment; we hit the road and asked people to “share your healthy ideas.” The results have been staggering! Here’s a collage that represents just a fraction of the ideas we’ve received in 2013:

Share your ideas collage

We took the “Share Your Ideas” concept to 17 different community events in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Thanks to the thousands of generous, healthy-minded people we met along the way, we compiled 3,215 ideas for living a healthy life. If that sounds like an exact figure, it’s because it is. We read and tracked every idea. We’ve used them as a guide for wellness posts on MillionIdeas.org, and have used them to steer our social media content and our community outreach efforts. Basically, you told us what’s important, so we’re using our resources to follow your lead.

For every idea you gave us, we’re going to donate $1 to a non-profit called Veggie U (more information about Veggie U here: Veggie U: Growing (and Eating) Vegetables in Classrooms). That means we’re putting $3,215 toward the purchase of kits, soil, seeds, grow lights, and everything 4th graders will need to grow vegetables in their classrooms. So from all of us, thank you. It’s been absolutely inspiring!

As always, if you have healthy ideas you’d like to share with the world, post it at: MillionIdeas.org/Share-Your-Ideas. We’d love to keep the healthy idea train rolling!

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