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Healthier Holiday Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

Candied yams are delicious, but they’re loaded with sugar and fat. As a substitute, try a sweet potato casserole. Lots of the same flavors, but if you follow this recipe, it’s much easier on the waistline.

Sweet Potato Casserole

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Myth vs. Fact: Deadlines to Get Health Insurance

Myth_it'lll be too late to get insuranceMyth: After January 1, it’ll be too late to get health insurance.

Fact_too late to get insurance

Fact: Not the case at all. You can still enroll for health insurance from a health insurance exchange, or directly with an insurer like PacificSource. You just need to enroll before March 31. Here are two deadlines to mark on your calendar:

January 15: The deadline to enroll for insurance and have your coverage start on February 1.

March 31: The deadline to enroll for insurance and avoid a tax penalty. If you wait until March 31, your health insurance will kick in on May 1.

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