Introducing the 31 Day Push-Up Challenge

Cartoon-Character-Strength-Comparison-MeterI do not have “blasted pipes.” I don’t have “fiery cannons,” “explosive guns,” or “screaming pythons.” As you can clearly see in the “Cartoon Upper Body Strength” meter, I’m sitting somewhere between Olive Oil and Bugs Bunny. For a dude in his twenties, that’s not good.

But as it turns out, I’m not alone in my quest to have a shredded, “I look like I’m carved out of rich mahogany” upper body. Since there are no motivators like peer pressure and competition, a December gauntlet was thrown down. Along with a few of my friends, we created the “31 Day Push-Up Challenge.”

Here are the rules of the 31 Day Push-Up Challenge:

  1. The challenge runs from December 1 – December 31
  2. Participants can only do push-ups in two minute time increments
  3. Depending on your starting ability, the number of allowable sets per day will vary (I’ll explain this below)
  4. All push-ups must be “proper push-ups” (No saggy backs or downward dogs!)
  5. All tracking is done by participants, and it’s the honor system

Rule number 3 was developed to level the playing field. One guy in our challenge looks like he’s half rhino, and could easily do more push-ups in a two minute time period than anyone else. To even things out, we handicapped it so if you can’t knock out a pile of push-ups all at once, you’re allowed to do more sets in a day. For example: Rhino Man is only allowed to do 5 sets per day, while other participants can do 7. In theory, it makes it fair, but it takes more dedication from the weaker participants.

We’re on our 4th day of the challenge, and my arms already feel like they’ve been repeatedly thunder punched. But more surprisingly, my abs are screaming at me! While the quest was for Stallone arms, the core strength benefits from push-ups are a great side effect.

If I can still lift my arms high enough to type, I plan to track our progress on But in the meantime, wish us luck! Oh, and to all my co-workers that find me doing push-ups in hallways, elevators, and at my desk; I’m not insane, I’ve just got a challenge to win!

Current push-up total: 576

If you’d like to hop on board the 31 Day Push Up Challenge, we’d love to have you! But to make sure you’re doing a proper push-up, here’s a quick video from our physical therapy expert and guest blogger, Colin Hoobler.

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  1. Picky Eater

     /  December 4, 2013

    I’m in! I just did my first set in the office. There was laughter, but it’s cool. They won’t be laughing at the end of December when I take them on in arm wrestling!


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