Cold Weather… Who Cares!?

We don’t get much snow in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, so when it hits us, most of us are gigantic wimps. We drive like morons, we wear everything we own, and a good majority of the population refuses to leave the house. But not everyone! As I came to work today, bundled like you wouldn’t believe (we’re talking triple pants, triple socks), I was met with these two inspirational images:


Four of our insane “Must bike everywhere!” employees rode on snow today. That’s dedication (and downright crazy)!


These dudes broke away from their desk and played a game of “snow pong.” They had to pause a few times to plow the table, but it was a furious match.

Now I feel like an even bigger wimp. That being said, these guys are inspiring. It’s time to embrace the winter, and get active! Way to go, you snow crazed maniacs!

Happy snow day, Oregon!

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