The Art of Snooze Boosting: Take the Sleep Quiz!

Sleeping Cat

Photo courtesy of dominiqs

Consistently getting a great night’s sleep is a game changer when it comes to your overall health. Your weight, ability to fight illnesses, blood pressure, and a boat load of other health factors are directly impacted by your sleep patterns. So, if you aren’t a solid sleeper, it’s time to get back on track.

To help you out, we have a “Sleep Quiz” that can identify some of the usual sleep destroyers. If you have a hard time getting a restful eight hours on a consistent basis, take this quiz, and when you answer “No,” think about adjusting your behavior. With a few tweaks, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

  1. I wake up at about the same time each morning. □ Yes   □ No
  2. I exercise most days of the week. □ Yes   □ No
  3. I exercise earlier in the day, or at least three hours before bed time. □ Yes   □ No
  4. I avoid stimulants such as caffeine, energy drinks, and certain medications after noon. □ Yes   □ No
  5. I eat a small, low-fat evening meal. □ Yes   □ No
  6. I don’t eat right before bedtime, usually at least two or three hours before bedtime. □ Yes   □ No
  7. In the evening I avoid large portions, high-fat or spicy foods, or other foods that trigger heartburn. □ Yes   □ No
  8. I drink most of my fluids during the day and before dinner. □ Yes   □ No
  9. I limit alcohol to special occasions. I don’t use alcohol to help me sleep. □ Yes   □ No
  10. I do a strength training exercise routine at least two times per week. □ Yes   □ No
  11. I do yoga or other gentle stretches in the evening. □ Yes   □ No
  12. I turn off all my electronic screens, and dim the lights at least one hour before bed time. □ Yes   □ No
  13. I take time to meditate or just sit quietly each evening. □ Yes   □ No

If you have any other tips to get a great night’s sleep, we’d love to hear them! Just post them in our comments, and we’ll share them with the world.

Happy snoozing!

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