The Return of the Veggie Bracket!

Last year in the fever of March Madness, we created our very own “Veggie Bracket.” One of our regular bloggers, Kenny, tried every vegetable on the bracket and went through the pain staking process of picking broccoli as his winner. Check out the final chapter of his saga here: The Veggie Bracket: The Final Four.

Well guess what? It’s back!


This year, we teamed up with our pals at Oregon State to bring “Veggie Madness” to the OSU campus. “Oregon State University’s Healthy Campus Initiative looks for entertaining and engaging ways to educate students and staff about living healthy, and Veggie Madness ties in great with two popular programs: National Nutrition Month and March Madness,” said Lisa Hoogesteger, director of Healthy Campus Initiatives for Oregon State University.

Here’s the best part, you can vote too! From March 3-5, you can weigh in by going here: Veggie Madness. Or, if you can make it to Corvallis, OR, you can vote on campus at the MU Quad on March 4-5. So you tell us what’s better, artichokes or asparagus, cucumbers or bell peppers, kale or broccoli. These are heavyweight battles, it’s going to get tense.

So get ready for some true March Madness. We hope to see you in Corvallis next week, and most importantly, good luck with your bracket.

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