Keeping My Healthy Hiking Goal Alive

photoIn January, we had a guest blogger, Kathy, document her 2014 resolution to do a new hike every month. Well, she’s two for two! If you missed her first post, check it out here: Hiking…A Healthy Goal I Can Keep. Here’s her story about February’s icy adventure:

As a working mom, it’s tough to carve out time to exercise between work, kids’ school and sports schedules, and just keeping up with household chores—but when Mother Nature throws a wrench in it, it’s nearly impossible to get out there.

Case and point: My wellness goal is to go on a hike once a month. The day before my planned February hike (the only free Saturday available that month), eight inches of snow fell on Willamette Valley floor. For some of you, this might not seem like a big deal—but if you’re from the area, you’ll understand that snow here is a very rare event. Schools were closed, highways shut down, even our offices closed early. Mother nature – wrench.

February HikingMy first thought? Forget the hike. But, looking out the window at all of that beautiful white stuff gave me another thought: snow shoes! I pulled them off the very tippy top shelf in the garage, dusted them off, grabbed my 16-year-old daughter for company (who was surprisingly enthusiastic about the idea) and off we went on an urban snow hike adventure—and believe me, it was a workout! Take that Mother Nature! 

Keep it up, Kathy! Can’t wait to see where you trek in March.

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  1. Kenny

     /  March 10, 2014

    Awesome! If you’re willing to drive a bit, here’s one of my favorite hikes in Oregon: It’s fairly flat, and it leads to a beautiful “blue pool.”

    • Healthy Life Gal

       /  March 10, 2014

      That looks like an awesome hike. Thanks for the suggestion!


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