Bringing Veggie U to Boise: Soil, Sun, Veggies, and Fun!


Mrs. Hoffman’s 3rd grade class.

I recently visited Mrs. Hoffman’s 3rd grade classroom at Hawthorne Elementary in Boise, ID. Why? I had to see the Veggie U program in action. Veggie U offers kits complete with seeds, soil, flats, root view boxes, grow lights, and even worm farms. These materials allow students to get hands-on experience with every stage of vegetable planting, growing, and harvesting.

In today’s class, the kids were exploring the “Scientific Process” by planting peas in their root viewers using four different kinds of dirt: compost, sand, field soil, and potting soil. It was great to see the kids describe the different soil types and say why they thought the pea seeds would grow better in a certain kind of soil. I think with a little bit of sunshine and water, these students are well on their way to growing their own vegetables and enjoying them too!

For the last few years, PacificSource has been out in our communities asking people to share their healthy ideas, try a healthy snack, or to get fit. Every time someone participates, PacificSource donates $1 on your behalf to Veggie U. We love Veggie U because students invest so much time and effort into cultivating these vegetables, they are more likely to eat them, and try other healthy foods.


Check out the best part of Veggie U – the worm farm!

I would like to thank Mrs. Hoffman and her students for letting me come in and watch them plant their peas. I can’t wait to go back and see what soil type did a better job of growing the crop.

If you’d like to nominate a classroom in your area to receive a Veggie U kit, fill out this nomination form and tell us why your teacher/classroom would be a good fit for Veggie U. Here’s the form: Veggie U Nomination Form

Check out the rest of the photos from my visit to Mrs. Hoffman’s classroom in the gallery below.

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