The Get Out, Get Covered Tour Ends At Treefort Music Fest

Treefort MainpageThe Get Out, Get Covered Tour ended in true rock star fashion. As a finish line for the tour, we hit the Treefort Music Festival; a four-day indie music extravaganza in the heart of downtown Boise. The goal for the tour was to reach people in unexpected locations. So we figured, “Who’s going to expect us at Treefort?” So we spent three days listening to music and answering questions about health insurance.

We posted up between a robot couple (that greatly resembled something from the Jetson’s) and PacificSource employees mingled with music fans at the “Recharge Bar.” The Recharge Bar allowed Treeforters who had been out for a fort night to stop by and charge their cell phone, tablets, and bike lights. While they were charging their phone, we answered any lingering health insurance questions they still had.

Treefort Booth 1The event was a blast, and our employees had a great time rocking out to some great indie tunes while helping our community get covered.

Check out more photos from Treefort here:



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