Day One of “Take Back Your Lunch”

IMG_5490Yesterday was day one of Take Back Your Lunch in Boise, and we couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. We had a great crowd that ditched their desk and gathered at Capitol Park in downtown Boise. They hit the pavement to get some exercise, devoured some healthy snacks, and enjoyed a sunny lunch break. Anyone who checked in with us was entered to win some prizes, and they could sample some some fruit, water, healthy recipes, and printed versions of our wellness infographics.

Everyone started at the park, then Misty from 94.9 The River lead a one-mile walk through downtown Boise. Some people stayed with the group, some walked their own route, and some people just sat and had a relaxing lunch in the park. In every case, we were just happy to see people outdoors and away from their desk.

We’re hosting Take Back Your Lunch every Wednesday from (noon to 1pm) until the end of May. So if you live or work in the Boise area, come see us!

Here are some photos and a video from our kick-off event.

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