Guest Blogger: Feeling Young at 60

Thanks to our pal, Sue for sending this guest blog post. Take it away, Sue!

Christie Brinkley was recently on the cover of People magazine, which is not notable, except she was in a swimsuit looking pretty darn good at age 60. Not too shabby!

Who? Why should I care? Even if you’ve never heard of former supermodel Christie Brinkley, my point is that this is the new 60. When I was a young thing, I pictured 60 as a pudgy little old lady baking pies, or a pot-bellied little old man on the couch in front of the TV with a beer. Over the years, I’ve gradually gained a different perspective. We all want to look good and be healthy no matter what our age. And you don’t have to be a celeb like Christie, Liam Neeson, or plenty of others to look fantastic at 60. This could be your 60.

The secret is that it’s not really a secret. It’s more like a wake-up call. To look good later, make your health a priority now and keep at it. You know the drill: quit tobacco, eat nutritious food, keep active, yada yada. It’s not that I have anything against pies, TV, or beer. Far from it! But I know I need to balance those occasional choices with making healthier choices most of the time. For me, that means eating more vegetables and less processed food, walking at lunch, and dancing my behind off at Zumba class.

Meet SueThe payoff. Okay. Most of us will never look like a supermodel or movie star. But working toward your own version of looking fantastic usually has the bonus of better health and feeling great. Think about how your own 60 could look: while your 60-something peers are spending big bucks on prescriptions and having to stop and rest half way up the stairs, you’ll save your money and have the stamina to sprint to the top of the stairs. You may not end up on a magazine cover (unless of course you are Christy Brinkley or Liam Neeson), but you’ll feel like you could be. When it comes to my 60, I hope to feel good about the way I look, and that’s not too shabby.


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