Keeping Fitness Fun in the Fall

RunnerDays are getting shorter, leaves are falling and it’s getting colder – brr!!  The great northern chill that is in the air makes it easy to say no to the run, hike, or ride that keeps me active and fit during the warmer months.  I started wondering what I could do to stay motivated during the cooler weather months.

Having an “accountabilibuddy” is my biggest motivation.  Knowing I have a set date and time to meet my bestie for an early evening run helps me stay committed.  Catching up with my friend while hiking is a great alternative to catching up over cocktails and high-calorie snacks.  I count this as a double win!

I don’t know why but changing into my workout gear is more challenging than the workout itself.  I took myself shopping for some cute cold weather gear that I’d be excited to change into.  The bonus to trading in my sweat pants for a snazzy pair of fleece lined leggings is that it made being outside in the autumn chill more tolerable.

I admit that I am a big fan of all things bright and shiny.  Who’d have thought that bright and shiny reflective gear would get me moving in the evening?  I picked up some reflective bands and a head lamp at a local sporting goods store.  Now even though it is getting dark at 6 pm, I feel safe being bright and shiny when I head out for my run.

These are just a few things I found that helped me stay active and off the treadmill at the gym now that fall is here.  What do you do to stay active and outdoors when the cold weather hits?

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  1. Sarah

     /  November 16, 2015

    I tend to do better with workouts during the colder months because in warmer months, all I want to do is lay outside in the sun. Having a cheap gym membership is my motivation to keeping warm inside in the Winter! So many people struggle with seasonal depression in the colder months, and I have found that making sure to get some exercise in definitely helps those blues!


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