Reduced vs. Low Sodium – Is there a difference?

Salt_MP900400592.JPGWe recently posted a recipe on Healthier Mashed Potatoes. The recipe includes “low-sodium chicken broth.” Though, when we first created the recipe, we included “reduced-sodium chicken broth.”

Big deal, right? But the Nutrition Label Guidelines clarify these differently:

Reduced-Sodium: means the food has to have at least 25% less sodium than the standard version. A one cup serving of Swanson’s Chicken Broth has 860mg sodium, so a reduced-sodium version could have up to as much as 645 mg sodium! Not the best choice.

Low-sodium: means that the food has less than 140mg sodium per serving. So a one cup serving should be 140mg or lower – a much healthier choice!

We get tricked by this one frequently….and always have to remember to go back and look at the facts panel to see how much sodium is in a serving!

Just one more experience to pass along, enjoy!

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