Cooking with Alcohol – How much remains in your dish?

We occasionally receive recipes that include alcohol in the ingredients –  it’s quite a popular ingredient in chili and pasta sauce. It got us thinking, while we always hear that alcohol is burned off when heated, how much is really burned off?
HowMuchAlcoholRemains-01.jpgWe found out that it really depends. It depends on the temperature, the amount of alcohol added, the time the dish is heated, the type of heat (stove top, conventional, broiled, etc),  and the size of the pot (more surface area, more alcohol burns off). Typically, a recipe will retain from 4% to 85% of the alcohol!


If you’re looking to achieve an alcohol free diet, sadly cooking with alcohol will break your diet. Though, there are still plenty of ways to cook a delicious meal without!


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  1. Admiralsolo

     /  March 8, 2016

    Was always told that the alcohol burned away too.


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