Make Spicy Food Healthier, by Replacing the Cheese

Chicken Verde - Mobile

When our nutritionist, Laura, reviewed the Chicken Verde with Black Beans recipe, she shared how to reduce the saturated fat in spicy food recipes.

Sometimes spicier foods needs some fat to make them tasty and reduce the heat. To achieve this, many spicy foods are covered in cheese. Our original recipe called for a full cup of pepper jack cheese, which holds 5.4g of saturated fat per serving.

Laura adjusted the recipe, explaining how we can reduce the saturated fat and swap in a healthy fat – which is important for cholesterol levels.

How? With avocado! By replacing some or all of the cheese with avocado or guacamole, one can eat a much healthier meal, while still enjoying spicy food.

In the Chicken Verde recipe, this substitution reduced the saturated fat while adding another layer of flavor!

PS: By replacing cheese with avocado, we also reduced the sodium in the recipe!

31 Healthy Recipes – Quinoa Apple Salad and Avocado Corn Salsa

I have two new healthy recipes to add to my list of 31 healthy recipes during National Nutrition Month. Before I get to the recipes, I need to tell you about one challenge I did not expect – too much leftovers! Many of these recipes contain four to six servings. The recipe sizes are great when you are feeding a family, but it’s just too much for the wife and I. This is a challenge because I look forward to making a new recipe and need to keep on schedule to reach 31 recipes by March 31. So, I put my cooking on hold until the meal I previously made is gone. I’m just not that into wasting food! Though, it has forced me to plan out my meals, like the recipe below for quinoa apple salad, which I will be eating for breakfast the next few days! Quinoa

Apple Salad Quinoa Apple Salad

Cooking the quinoa in apple cider and cinnamon is a great idea! And, much better than my first, unflavored attempt at quinoa! When the quinoa was done cooking, it came out sweet, with a great apple cinnamon flavor, which created a great base for the remainder of the ingredients! It is a very well done and thought out recipe!

After making it last night, I had a bowl this morning, and as I mentioned, will be eating it the next few days! I look forward to having my breakfast ready to go when I wake up!

Avocado Corn Salsa

Avocado Corn SalsaThe avocado corn salsa is easy to make, and is very versatile! It can be eaten as is, or added to a salad, like I had Monday evening. I placed the salsa on greens with chicken breast, and topped the entire salad with a tomato based salsa. A very flavorful salad, as well as a well-balanced meal.

Also, as described in our previous blog, avocados contain healthy, unsaturated fats, which increase good cholesterol! Along with the protein and multiple veggies consumed in this meal, it was quite nutritious, and delicious!

If you have a nutritious and delicious meals that you make for yourself and others, please share it in the comments below!    

The Super Simple Portion Bowl Guide

Portion Bowl Guide_Chicken Cilantro Rice Bowl

Controlling your portions is a killer way to stick to a healthy eating plan. But how can you quickly measure out your portions? We won’t sugar coat it, it takes some dedication and planning when preparing meals. But don’t worry, if you’re looking for a solution to speed up the process, there are lots of new portion controlling bowls, plates, and cups with that have measurements built into them. Here’s an example: Measure Up Bowls

To spark some inspiration, we created a super simple portion bowl guide. This recipe is delicious, and if you have a portion bowl at your disposal, layering your meal is a snap. If you give it a whirl, let us know what you think. Enjoy!