Infographic: 33 Ideas to Stay Healthy at Work

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Working in an office setting can be a wellness destroyer. For most of us, we sit too long, we stress constantly, and we eat garbage all day long (stress induced Gummi Bears are my personal Kryptonite). But it doesn’t have to be that way. Since I work in an office, and routinely make unhealthy decisions at work, I decided to ask a boatload of my coworkers how they stay healthy at work. Turns out, my pals had some incredible ideas, and I felt the need to share them with the world. All of these ideas came directly from PacificSource employees (aka “my work homies”). I hope this sparks some ideas for how you can live a healthy life during the daily grind.

If you have more ideas, please share them in our comments. And as always, please share this infographic with anyone looking for a healthy boost at work. Thanks for checking it out!

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Infographic: How to Get 30 Minutes of Exercise at Your Desk

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Who actually has time to exercise? As life gets busy, taking care of yourself is usually the first thing to move to the back burner. But to help you out, we looked at the average work day, and realized that there’s lots of potential for exercising at work, you just need to get a little creative.

This infographic has a series of circuits that will get your heart pounding at your desk. Good luck, and let us know what you think of the plan.

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Workplace Wellness: 5 Tips to Stay Healthy in an Office

Move reminderIt might sound crazy, but sedentary jobs might be one of the biggest contributors to poor health in the United States. Not only do these jobs limit our physical activity (check out this great infographic from, but they can also contribute to lots of unhealthy habits. When we’re sitting at a desk, the temptation to pass the day with unhealthy snacks is pretty hard to resist.

With that in mind, we asked our employee wellness specialist, Sally, for a few tips to beat the unhealthy office traps. Here’s her advice:

1) Find a fun, BPS-free water bottle that you can keep at your desk. You will be more inclined to drink water, and filling the bottle multiple times a day will increase your daily activity.

2) Make an eating plan. Prepare healthy to-go foods and lunches. Cut up enough carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, etc to be used in salads and as snacks for the whole week. Package individual containers of low-calorie salad dressing, humus or yogurt based dips to accompany salads and snacks.  Try to avoid any pre-packaged items and get your family involved in cutting and bagging healthy fresh snacks. If you need a meal plan, click on this image to download our daily meal planner.

Weekly Meal Plan

3) Find a walking route that you can use at lunch or a shorter one for your break. Even a 10 minute walk will help to re-energize your day, increase your focus, blow off steam, burn calories and boost metabolism.  Before you know it your mind and body will crave the fresh air and movement.


4) Set an alert on your daily calendar to move. this can be as little as standing in your space and stretching or maybe doing some office jacks…Start with a deep breath in, softening the knees and stretching the arms overhead then add some jacks by alternating heel taps as you bring your hands together over head, to modify eliminate the arms or lightly hold onto the back of your chair.  Or try marching in place with bicep curls or an overhead press and don’t forget a nice stretch for the hips and chest!

Move reminder

5) Encourage your colleagues. You can turn your co-workers into your healthy support system, and healthy living is contagious! Have fun and you will discover that finding new ways to live healthier at work can be easy and rewarding!

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