Healthy Tailgating + Diabetes Awareness = A Healthy Bonanza at OSU

When the Beavers take on a big time opponent like USC on the football field, it brings a big crowd to Corvallis, OR. So we figured, “Let’s hit these pre-gamers with some ideas for living a healthy life!” With that in mind, we brought a crew to Reser Stadium, and took part in two healthy events…at the same time! Here’s what went down:

1) The Healthy Life Tailgater

The genius behind the Beaver Fan Blackbean Qunioa Salad, Bethany

The genius behind the Beaver Fan Blackbean Qunioa Salad, Bethany

Half the fun of going to football games is devouring delicious food in the parking lot. But while delicious, we’ve noticed that most tailgate food is pretty darn unhealthy. Brats, burgers, chili, chips, and all the other usual suspects means that your pre-game meal is more often than not a diet destroyer.

Along with lots of our pals at OSU, we hosted a Healthy Life Tailgater. To make it happen, we shared two healthy recipes that were selected from the Moore Family Center’s recent GridIron Chef Contest. For the contest, OSU students and faculty submitted healthy recipes, and they put them to a vote. The winners were Beaver Black Bean Quinoa Salad and Heavenly Healthy Layer Dip. Our partners prepared these foods, and served them to fans on their way into the game. Since both recipes were absolutely scrumptious, Beaver fans (and a few Trojan fans) were thrilled to have a healthy snack.

Huge thanks to all of our partners: The Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health, OSU Catering, University Housing and Dining Services, the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, OSU Healthy Campus Initiatives, and Bi-Mart. As partnerships go, this was a slam dunk! This team was fantastic.

2) Novo Nordisk Beavers Diabetes Day

Laura, our Dietician

Laura, our Dietician

A block away from our Healthy Life Tailgater, we got involved with Novo Nordisk Beavers Diabetes Day. Since November is American Diabetes Month, OSU recruited health care professionals of all types, including an endocrinologist, certified diabetes educators (CDE’s), dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy students. The students conducted random glucose tests, and had the opportunity to counsel individuals whose glucose levels suggested pre-diabetes or undiagnosed diabetes. Students were also offering flu shots (although we suspect Jell-O shots would have been a bigger hit with the pre-game crowd). We had one our RNs, our dietician, and our Director of Pharmacy Services on hand to help out.

Keeping with the theme of sharing healthy ideas, we asked people to share what they do to stay healthy and prevent or manage diabetes. We heard lots of good suggestions, like getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking lots of water, walking, biking to work, and playing sports. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas! On their behalf PacificSource will donate $1 to the Veggie U program to help get vegetables into 4th grade classrooms.

Some of the most important things you can do to prevent diabetes are to reach and maintain a healthy body weight, eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and exercise daily.

What a day! Check out all the snapshots from OSU here:

How the Eugene YMCA is Helping People During National Diabetes Month

Did you know that an estimated one out of every three American adults live with prediabetes? That’s about 79 million people! And, of those 79 million, only 7% know they actually have it.

If you’re diagnosed with prediabetes, it means that your blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but you haven’t reached a diagnosis of diabetes. People with prediabetes are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases like heart disease and stroke. While prediabetes is pretty serious, the good news is that it’s a potentially reversible condition.

During November’s National Diabetes Month, the YMCA is working with residents of Eugene, Oregon to help decrease their risk of developing type 2 diabetes through the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program. Through the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, people are learning how to make positive lifestyle changes that can improve their overall health. While the primary goal of the program is to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, the average participant is also losing about 5% of his or her body weight! The formula for the YMCA’s success: healthful eating and increased physical activity.

From a program participant:

I don’t remember a life without diabetes and an awareness of my potential for diagnosis. I watched as my grandparents, mother, aunts, uncles and cousins struggled with the disease–and while experience was a great lesson, the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program was the first education course to truly impact me.

My life has been so positively impacted that several friends want to know what I’m doing that is working so well for me. The straightforward, simple preventative approach of counting calories, decreasing fat and increasing activity is easy to follow. It is put into easy-to-understand concepts that help me to focus on achieving a goal of lifestyle balance.

I used to lay awake at night and try to figure out how to lose weight and lower my risk of getting diabetes. Thanks to the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, I now know what to do, am doing it, and am experiencing success.

“Thank you” is not enough to say, but it will have to do. Thank you.”

“Working Together. Living Better.” Julie Grossman, Associate Executive Director of the Eugene Family YMCA, recites the familiar YMCA motto to herself and her team during her weekly staff meetings.

“We pride ourselves in staying connected to the community to ensure that we’re meeting their needs. Our staff is constantly looking for ways to bring innovative and evidence-based programs to our community that benefit the individual and our entire community,” says Grossman.

If you’d like to support the Eugene Family YMCA and its Diabetes Prevention Program, just sign up for the Civil War Healthy Life Challenge and pledge to go healthy between now and November 21. When you pledge to take part in a healthy activity, PacificSource will donate $1 on your behalf to the Eugene Family YMCA.

Infographic: Don’t Let Your Oral Health Go Up In Smoke

Most of us know that smoking is bad for us, but did you know just how bad it can be for your mouth? To show the negative effects of smoking on your oral health, we created this infographic.