646 Healthy Ideas from Boise

IMG_0977We asked, and the good people of Boise delivered!

Last week, we posted up at the FitOne Expo at the Boise Center, and we asked people to share their ideas for living a healthy life. For every idea we received, we pledged to donate $1 to one of our favorite charities, Veggie U. Since we sponsor schools in the Boise area, people who contributed ideas were directly supporting kids in their community. Turns out, people in Boise are full of great ideas, and they aren’t afraid to share them! As you can see by our Healthy Ideas Banner (which looked like a beautiful mess by the end of the expo), we had a flood of awesome ideas! Not only did we enjoy reading through them, but we loved the conversations that started as people jotted them down.

Over the two day expo, we kept a count of how many people contributed to the board. After it was all said and done, we ended up with 646 ideas! Meaning, we’re going to cut a check to Veggie U for $646. Way to go Boise!

A huge thanks to our pals at FitOne for putting on such an incredible event. And, an even bigger thank you to everyone who took part in the expo and/or FitOne Race. We had a great time at both, and the turn out from the Boise community was phenomenal.

We zoomed in on a few of our favorite ideas from the two days. Take a look to see some of the gems that surfaced along with some other snap shots from the Expo:

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Share Your Healthy Ideas in Boise

photo (1)Throughout today and tomorrow, we’re asking people in Boise to share their healthy ideas. As sponsors of the FitOne Benefiting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, we’ll be on-site at the FitOne Expo (inside the Boise Center) with a “Share Your Ideas” banner. For anyone who drops by and jots down a healthy idea, we’ll donate $1 on their behalf to Veggie U. The way we see it, you have the ideas, we just want to help broadcast them. So if you give us something great to share, we’ll pay to put vegetables in classrooms. Everyone wins!

imageAnd, if you live in the Boise area and you’d like to run a 5 or 9k race, you can still register at the FitOne Website. It’s a great way to get fit, enjoy Boise, and benefit a great cause.

Come on down to the expo, and don’t forget your healthy ideas!