Tips to Avoid Getting Stuffed this Holiday

It’s easy to overeat any time of the year, but the holidays can be especially challenging. Try one or all of these tools to keep from overindulging this holiday season:

  1. Gauge Your Hunger/Fullness The Hunger Meter infographic
  2. Keep a Record
    The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics published a study reviewing the evidence-based effects of self-monitoring in weight loss. The review found weight loss was strongly associated with tracking food intake, exercise, and weekly weight check-ins. During the holidays, use a food journal to keep yourself aware, honest, and to avoid over-indulgences by planning ahead.There are several free online food and exercise tracking systems. There are also multiple apps available for your mobile device. A good place to start is to find out approximately how many calories you need each day, and track your intake using the SuperTracker.
  3. Fill Your Plate with Low-calorie Fruits and Veggies – Research shows that we tend to eat a certain volume (weight) of food consistently. So by choosing more low-calorie, highwater weight foods (fruits, vegetables, and cooked beans), you will eat fewer calories each day (Nutrition Action Health Letter. March 2012. Don’t Be Dense – Trim calories per bite to trim pounds).Make sure at least half your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables. Enjoy high-fat foods in smaller amounts as seasoning rather than main ingredients.