Reduced vs. Low Sodium – Is there a difference?

Salt_MP900400592.JPGWe recently posted a recipe on Healthier Mashed Potatoes. The recipe includes “low-sodium chicken broth.” Though, when we first created the recipe, we included “reduced-sodium chicken broth.”

Big deal, right? But the Nutrition Label Guidelines clarify these differently:

Reduced-Sodium: means the food has to have at least 25% less sodium than the standard version. A one cup serving of Swanson’s Chicken Broth has 860mg sodium, so a reduced-sodium version could have up to as much as 645 mg sodium! Not the best choice.

Low-sodium: means that the food has less than 140mg sodium per serving. So a one cup serving should be 140mg or lower – a much healthier choice!

We get tricked by this one frequently….and always have to remember to go back and look at the facts panel to see how much sodium is in a serving!

Just one more experience to pass along, enjoy!

Let the Holidays Move You!

iStock_000018006002XLargeThere is a real connection between stress and illness, which is why it’s important to take it easy this holiday season. Don’t get caught up in the stress of finding the perfect gift or creating the ultimate light display. Enjoy the season instead of driving yourself crazy. Use these eight tips to keep you healthy while enjoying the holiday festivities!

  1. Stick to it. Stick to your regular exercise routine as much as possible, especially during the holidays.
  2. Take advantage of layovers. Flying? Don’t sit around waiting to board your flight – walk around the airport.
  3. Let the music move you. Dance or exercise to your favorite holiday music.
  4. Get 15 minutes of sun each day. It peeks out, we promise!
  5. Choose fresh fruit in lieu of fruit cake.
  6. Delegate. Delegate wrapping presents or baking. No one to delegate to? Opt out of the least important tasks.
  7. Just say “Ho Ho No!” to perfectionism. No one expects you to be Martha Stewart.
  8. Carry it over. Make a New Year’s resolution with friends to start a daily walking group.

Thank You!

Thank you_MillionIdeas

Thank you so much for a year full of healthy ideas! For everyone who shared, read, and supported in 2013, we sincerely thank you.

Have a safe and healthy 2014!